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Nioh: How to Change Your Guardian Spirit


Nioh: How to Change Your Guardian Spirit

How to Change Your Guardian Spirit

Nioh is a brutal journey through a fantasized 1600s Japan, pitting players against merciless bosses and aggressive mobs born from Japanese culture and lore. Even though there are dozens of hours of gameplay (and even more deaths) ahead of you, you won’t be on your journey alone. Each player will choose a Guardian Spirit after beating the executioner early in the game, and this being will offer you aid throughout your adventure. If you’re hesitant to make your decision, though, don’t fret. You can change your Guardian Spirit later one.

To change your Guardian Spirit, simply visit one of Nioh’s many shrines. These rest points are where you’ll trade your Amrita for character attributes, save your game, and take a break from monsters and mayhem. The shrine menu also has an option for changing your Guardian Spirit — easy as pie.

Your guardian will offer you increased stats and a powerful ability, with the benefits depending on your choice. You can check out our guide to all the pros and cons of your guardian options over here.

For more on Nioh, be sure to visit our ever-expanding wiki guide filled with tips, walkthroughs, collectible info, and more.

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