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Nioh: How to Get the Best Ninja Skills


Nioh: How to Get the Best Ninja Skills

Ninja Skills

Nioh has an interesting leveling up system that allows players to not only increase their base stats like in Dark Souls, but also to unlock specific attacks and abilities that allow them to tailor their playstyle. There are three different types of skills – Samuarai (weapon skills), Ninja (different tools and passive abilities), and Onmyo Magic. Each one has its uses, and you’ll want to take a look at all types before committing to how you want to spec out William.

The Ninja tree is quite interesting as it can be used with any weapon type, though it is best used to support the Kusarigama. This is because both Ninja skills and the chain and sickle weapon both scale with Dexterity, so you’ll find yourself beefing up that stat anyway. There are several active skills, but there are also some passive abilities that you should definitely keep an eye on that can really help out your build, especially if you’re more prone to utilize lighter armor and avoid building Strength and Heart.

You can earn Ninja Points by either using jutsu you’ve already unlocked, or finding locks of a ninja’s hair. These are relatively common items that you’ll get as rewards or from random drops. Once you have some, open up the skills tab and purchase the ones you want. You’ll have to unlock certain skills by completing specific Dojo training sessions or missions (both main and sub), so if something you find intriguing is locked, just continue the game.

Do note that you must ready any jutsu that you unlock at a Shrine. Unlike Samurai skills, you aren’t unable to simply jump out into the wild and start throwing blades. You have a limit to how many you can equip and this limit can be raised by increasing your Dexterity. Still, choose wisely so you’re always prepared for what challenges you have ahead of you.

Next, we’re going to break down the best Ninja skills between active and passive so that it’s clearer to see what you should invest in.

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