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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Nioh


5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Nioh

Are you prepared?

Have You Played a “Souls Like” Game Before?


Nioh is the latest ‘Souls like’ game, meaning it shares many commonalities with the Dark Souls series. Similar to games like Lords of the Fallen, you control one character in a sequence of closed environments, battling merciless enemies in a third-person action-RPG style. The main character William can run, sprint, jump, and use combat abilities which all drain his Ki bar. This works the same way as the Stamina bar in a Souls game, and when the bar is empty, you’re vulnerable to attack.

Having some experience with Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or another Souls like experience will definitely help ease you into Nioh. It’s a tough game, and although it’s not a clone of the Souls series, the same concepts and systems generally apply. Of course, not having played a Souls game isn’t a deal breaker, just be ready for something very different from what you’ve played before.

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