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Nintendo Switch: How to Upgrade Storage


Nintendo Switch: How to Upgrade Storage

Upgrade Storage – Nintendo Switch

There’s a lot of elements of the Nintendo Switch that new owners will need to manage, and one of those is memory. Out of the box, the console only has 32 GB of storage (of which only 25.9 is usable) which isn’t a whole lot if you’re considering going digital. Thankfully, upgrading the storage is quite easy. You’ll need a MicroSD card and your console ready.

Pull the Switch out of the Dock and make sure that it is turned off. Now on the back is a kickstand that you use for tabletop mode, you’ll want to pull that out to reveal the MicroSD port located under it. Now all you have to do is insert the card.

Once the card is securely in place, you can power on the Nintendo Switch and the card will be recognized. It will show up under the Data Management tab of the Settings menu and will appear right beside the System Memory.

The formats usable right out of the box are MicroSD and SDHC. After an upcoming system update, SDXC (which support more than 32GB) will be compatible as well.

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