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Nintendo Switch: How to Transfer Wii U Virtual Console Games


Nintendo Switch: How to Transfer Wii U Virtual Console Games

Wii U Virtual Console Games – Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s Virtual Console is where the company houses its classic and retro games on the Wii and Wii U. The Switch will also be gaining access to this marketplace, although it won’t be available right at launch. This has fans hoping that they’ll be able to transfer their purchases from other consoles onto the new hardware.

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, mostly due to the fact that the marketplace isn’t available on the Switch just yet. Still, Nintendo hasn’t stated if it’s going to allow past purchases to be valid on the Nintendo Switch (which is something that would save fans a decent amount of money). Hopefully, when the update that brings the Virtual Console to this newest Nintendo console arrives, it will also come with news that you’ll be able to transfer all of your older purchases so you don’t have to re-buy anything you already bought.

Until then, it’s just not happening.

For more on the Nintendo Switch, including how to troubleshoot certain issues and how to set up the console, make sure to check back in here at Twinfinite as we continue to break down the new hardware.

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