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Is the Nintendo Switch Region Locked?


Is the Nintendo Switch Region Locked?

Is it Region Locked? – Nintendo Switch

Nintendo hasn’t always been the most open when it comes to buying games from other regions, but there’s nothing to worry about with the Nintendo Switch. The home console/handheld hybrid is not region locked at all, which means that players can purchase any game from any country without having to worry about whether or not it will work.

That opens up an opportunity for importing games that may not release in the west without the need for modding your console, making an extra account for a different region, or even purchasing a second, region specific Nintendo Switch.

If you’re new to playing games from other regions, we should note that this doesn’t change the games in any way. It will not add text in your language, or do anything else to make it as if the game was for your region. Also, you sometimes won’t have access to DLC since that is usually region specific. Still, it’s great to be able to play games that were never intended for a western audience hassle-free.

You may want to be patient from time to time, though, as some games that come out in Japan or other regions first do eventually make their way over to other areas. Always do a bit of research before importing, as it can be a pricey option.

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