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NieR: Automata Lunar Tear Trophy Guide – Where to Find Emil


NieR: Automata Lunar Tear Trophy Guide – Where to Find Emil

“We’re always going to be together, Kaine.”

NieR: Automata – Emil and the Lunar Tear

This is a cool little side mission hidden away in NieR: Automata that rewards fans of the first game with some neat throwbacks. To start the side mission, first you have to progress through the story until you clear the Forest Zone. Talk to Pascal at his village, and this will trigger Emil to start appearing on the world map. You can find him around the northeast corner of the City Ruins. He’ll be driving around in a small van, playing a more upbeat version of Emil’s Theme from the first game. Shoot him with the Pod to make him stop so that you can talk to him. Emil will then give you a hint about where his home is.

Go back to the commercial district where you first access the Forest Zone, and interact with the Lunar Tear flower there. Emil will show up and ask you to look for other Lunar Tears around the world. There are four in total, and they’ll be marked on your map. After finding all four of them, Emil will give you a key that lets you access the elevator in the commercial district. Take the elevator down to find what Emil was fighting to protect from the aliens. Talk to him again to receive your reward and the Lunar Tear trophy.

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