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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Focus & What It Does


Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Focus & What It Does

How to Focus and What It Does – Horizon Zero Dawn

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is teeming with cool stuff to see and do. While it may give off a prehistoric vibe, with tribes using bows and spears to take down enemies, the world blends it with a futuristic tint. One item that Aloy has from the start of her adventure is her Focus. We’ll walk you through how to Focus, and what exactly this tool does.

This device is the thing that you’ve seen attached to the side of her head in the game’s trailer. By pressing down R3, players can activate their Focus. Your Focus can be used for a lot of different things in Horizon Zero Dawn. It can provide detailed breakdowns of a machine, its weak points, and its elemental strengths and weaknesses, it translates the prehistoric signposts into English, and it can even help you pick up footprints, and blood trails so you can uncover what really happened in that side mission.

The Focus’ most important feature, however, is its aforementioned breakdown of the machines in Horizon Zero Dawn. When in Focus mode, moving your reticle onto a machine will highlight its weak spots. Even when exiting out of this mode, these weaknesses will still stay highlighted, making it easier for you to nail them with your arrows and do maximum damage.

That’s all there is to using Focus and what it does in Horizon Zero Dawn. For more tips, tricks, and information, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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