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Horizon Zero Dawn: Blood on Stone Quest Walkthrough


Horizon Zero Dawn: Blood on Stone Quest Walkthrough

Blood on Stone Quest – Horizon Zero Dawn

Blood on Stone is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn that sees Aloy investigating the murder of five guards in the night at the quarry outside Meridian. The quest doesn’t have a ton of steps to it, but when you finally confront the murderer, things can get pretty tricky.

First things first, talk to the quarry foreman underneath the canopy at the quarry to the north of Meridian to start Blood on Stone. He’ll give Aloy the details of what happened, and Aloy will head down to investigate the quarry. Once you’re down there, it won’t take long for the murderer to reappear and the main part of Blood on Stone to begin. It’s a giant Rockbreaker machine, capable of depleting your health bar with a couple flicks of its giant digging arms.

The Rockbreaker will have a few attacks, one ranged attack that will see it hurling rocks at Aloy, a melee attack where it’ll swipe with its large digging arms, and another where it’ll burrow into the ground and emerge directly underneath you dealing a ton of damage.

To defeat the Rockbreaker in the Blood on Stone quest, head straight for the side of the quarry that is slightly built up. Here, you’ll find cover, have ample room to maneuver around the Rockbreaker’s attacks, and the Rockbreaker can’t perform its burrow attack on you here. Now you can focus on avoiding its ranged attack and raining down attacks on it.
Your priority should be its Digging Arms. These are vulnerable to tear damage, so Precision or Tearbolt arrows are the order of the day here. After a few arrows to each, these components should be removed, disabling the Rockbreaker’s ability to burrow underground.

Now, the Rockbreaker is a slow and predictable target, meaning you can bombard that huge, flammable Fuel Sac on its belly. Land some fire arrows on the Fuel Sac and the Rockbreaker will go up in flames, before exploding. It’ll be left with a tiny chunk of health left, so use Precision arrows to finish the job off.

With the Rockbreaker defeated in Horizon Zero Dawn’s Blood on Stone quest, return to the quarry foreman and speak to him. He’ll be amazed at your skill and thank you for clearing the quarry. You’ll be rewarded 6000 EXP and a Remarkable Reward Box for completing Blood on Stone.

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