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Horizon Zero Dawn: All Metal Flower Locations Guide


Horizon Zero Dawn: All Metal Flower Locations Guide

All Metal Flower Locations Guide – Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn’s world is filled with stunning views to admire, tough machines to defeat, and a bunch of collectibles to pick up on your adventure. One of these is Metal Flowers.

There are 30 Metal Flowers in Horizon Zero Dawn to collect, split into three different groups – Mark I, II, and III. In order to get them, you’ll need to venture to the farthest stretches of the map. As you’re exploring, you’ll want to keep an eye out for triangles of pinky purple flowers. In the center of these are Metal Flowers, so always investigate one when you see them.

There’s actually an incredibly easy way to get all of the Metal Flowers in Horizon Zero Dawn. If you head to Meridian and speak to one of the specialist merchants who deals in the game’s collectables, you can buy a map off of them which will show all of the Metal Flowers on your map.

For those of you who just want the locations of these Metal Flowers in Horizon Zero Dawn, check out our detailed descriptions below.

Please note that this guide is a work-in-progress. As we find more of Horizon Zero Dawn’s Metal Flowers, we’ll update this guide.

Mark I (D) – Head to the Devil’s Thirst Tallneck and make your way north east to the campfire by the Bellowback and Stryder sites. Head directly North and keep as close to the cliff side as you can. You’ll find this Metal Flower right by the area that looks like a construction site.

Mark I (H) – When completing the Grave-Hoard quest, you’ll walk right by this on your path north. It’s right next to a campfire just south of a lake.

Mark I (I) – From the Hunter’s Gathering settlement in the eastern section of the map, head south until you reach the large grassy plain with the Broadhead site on it. Look for the zipwire in this field and just to the west of it, nestled in some trees is the pink triangle of flowers. In the center is Metal Flower Mark I (I).

Mark I (J) – Head to the Two-Teeth Bandit Camp follow the winding path down that leads east. When you reach the bottom, carry straight on but take the first left you come to. Follow this path about three quarters down and keep an eye out for a rock on the left. Behind this, you’ll find a triangle of the pink flowers with this Metal Flower in the center.

Mark II (C) – To the south west of the Sun-Steps Tallneck, you’ll find a Thunderjaw site. Where the two roads meet to the right of this, you’ll find this Metal Flower by the red grass that you can hide in.

Mark III (F) – During the Cause for Concern – Farewell quest, you’ll have to climb to the top of a cliff to meet Nil. After declining or accepting his proposal, head west from the campfire and look for the triangle of flowers by the rock. That’s another Metal Flower added to your tally.

Mark III (G) – Open your map and move all the way over to the west side and look for the nib sticking out three quarters of the way down. Look for the Charger machine site nearby and then head in between the two roads that merge into one heading east.

Mark III (H) – Head to Copper Deeps’ Tallneck and make you way West towards the crossroads. Head north and look for the triangle of red flowers. This Metal Flower is nestled in the middle.

Mark III (I) – At the top of Sun’s Climb, you’ll find a tightrope over to another tall stack. Make your way across here and grab the Metal Flower from the middle of the triangle of purple flowers.

Mark III (J) – Head West from Morning’s Watch and drop down below the bridge. The metal flower is here.

With the Metal Flower locations cleared in Horizon Zero Dawn, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and guides.

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