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For Honor: Multiplayer Tips for Success


For Honor: Multiplayer Tips for Success

Don’t Be Predictable

For Honor Multiplayer Tips

When players enter into a duel with another opponent in For Honor, they’ll need to outplay their foes in the art of combat. One of most important aspects when engaging in a one on one scenario is is to always shift your stances. If you attack a target multiple times while facing a specific direction, this will make it easier for your opponent to block after the first strike. Try changing your stances after every strike to make it difficult for your foe to counter, allowing you to pile on more damage.

This goes the same for Guard Breaking; while it can be easy to initiate every attack with one, try to avoid this. Missing a Guard Break leaves you exposed for a few seconds and the move cannot interrupt attacks, meaning you’ll be killed quickly if you’re not paying attention.

Always try to keep your opponents guessing by faking attacks or advances, a great way to force them to expose their body. Going for a strike only to roll away and hit them from the side can easily help you turn the tide of the fight. The last you want is for your opponent to know what you’ll do before actually doing it.

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