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For Honor: How to Play The Orochi


For Honor: How to Play The Orochi

Orochi – For Honor

Far and away the Orochi is one of the most popular characters in For Honor thanks to the awesome design and emphasis on utility skills. This is a fast character that can constantly dance around opponents and dodge their attacks with relative ease. This makes a skilled Orochi player very dangerous as they can be incredibly hard to keep track of in a duel or if they sneak up on you.

Playing an Orochi is not particularly easy as you will need to juggle a variety of different tools and items to give you an edge against your opponent. Yet, the best aspect of this hero is the sheer utility of their Feats as Orochi has access to everything from bombs to traps to even a powerful bow and arrow. These are wonderful for either escaping or killing a character that is unaware of your location.


Assassin -Agile, Counter-Attacker

Strengths – Wonderful adaptability that is perfect for disrupting foes or killing them when they aren’t paying attention to their surroundings.

Weaknesses – The Orochi runs out of stamina very quickly in For Honor making them an easy target. There is also a relatively high skill ceiling with them so you will need to practice their combos in order to survive.


Hero Specific Perks

  • Renown – Earn more Renown in 1v1 fights by killing enemy Heroes, and getting killing streaks to unlock your feats in a match.
  • Revenge Mode – Boosts Damage and Health. All attacks are uninterruptible. Parry and throws knock enemies down. Attacks are auto-parried on activation.
  • Defense: Reflex – Your Guard Stance only remains active for a limited time.
  • Deflect – Deflect by dodging in the direction of an incoming attack just before impact. Deflect can be followed-up by Wind Gust or Hurricane Blast.

Moves (From Guard Mode L2/LT)

  • Crosswind Slashes
    • PS4 – R1, R1, R2
    • Xbox One – RB, RB, RT
  • Lightning Strikes Twice
    • PS4 – R2, R2
    • Xbox One – RT, RT
  • Tidal Wave Slashes
    • PS4 – R2, R1, R1
    • Xbox On – RT, RB, RB
  • Riptide Strike
    • PS4 – Left Stick Down +Rightstick Up + R2
    • Xbox One – Left Stick Down +Rightstick Up + RT
  • Storm Rush
    • PS4 – Left Strick Down + X, Hold R2
    • Xbox One – Left Stick Down + A, Hold RT
  • Lightning Strike
    • PS4 – Left Stick Up + X, R1
    • Xbox One – Left Stick Up + A, RB
  • Zephyr Slash
    • PS4 – Left Stick Left (or) Left Stick Right + X, R1
    • Xbox One – Left Stick Left (or) Left Stick Right + A, RB
  • Wind Gust
    • PS4 – Deflect, R1
    • Xbox One – Deflect, RB
  • Hurricane Blast
    • PS4 – Deflect, R2
    • Xbox One – Deflect, RT


The Orochi is a very nimble fighter in For Honor so when approaching combat make sure it’s in a wide open space that has a lot of maneuverability. Battling in tight corridors or enclosed spaces will get you easily killed as you ability to dodge and move is critical to taking down tougher foes such as the Lawbringer. If you can, try to have enemies chase you to fields or spacious locations so they lost any type of advantage they’d have normally.

From here you will want to keep your enemies guessing by dodging and deflecting their attacks. Stamina can run out fast playing this hero so always make sure to keep your eye on it during a fight. If the enemy manages to wear you out before they do it’s almost certain you will fall to their blade. Some foes like the Raider can run out of stamina rather quickly so try to bait them into attacks and roll away at the last second. This may seem cowardly at first, but having them weakened is what will net you an easy victory with little risk of being killed.

Once you do start attacking you have two choices with the Orochi, poke them for chip damage or go all in. The latter is riskier if you don’t know his combos, as many of them chain nicely into each other. You can actually deflect a blow into a stun which is a great way of throwing your opponent off their game. This leaves them open for more powerful moves likeStorm Rush or Zephyr Slash.

Finally, make frequent use of your Feats as they provide you with a great set of tools to mix up or break away from engagements. The Long Bow might seem clumsy at first, but it can easily finish off a foe who is trying to hightail it out of a fight. Smoke bombs allow you to either escape or surprise foes during combat if they have you in a corner or are chasing after you. Always make liberal use of your gear as it’s one of the best advantages you have over the other combatants in For Honor.


  • Bounty Hunter – This Feat is a passive For Honor ability that allows you to regain stamina and health after killing another Hero. Given your character will always be harassing and trying to finish off enemies, this is a wonderful way to add some survivability to your hero.
  • Kunai – The Kunai at first glance may seem weak but the speed you throw it out is a great way to interrupt an attack or annoy a distance character like the Valkyrie. It inflicts low damage, but the weapon is great for annoying foes and goading them into attacking you.
  • Slip Through – You are dodging a lot with the Orochi, so having your damage briefly increase after each dodge is quite important. Not only will this shorten your time to kill, but help reinforce that speed mentality needed for this For Honor hero.
  • Fear Itself – Being able to instantly lower the defense and stamina regeneration of everyone around the Orochi is incredibly potent. This effectively means for a short time they will not be able to keep up with your assault and will have no real ay of escaping. Grab this one as soon as you can, it’s by far one of his best Feats.

For more tips, character guides, and walkthroughs visit our For Honor wiki.

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