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For Honor: How to Fix Error Message 0000000008


For Honor: How to Fix Error Message 0000000008

Network Error 0000000008 – For Honor

With For Honor released upon the world players are diving into the brutal game modes in order to test their skill. However, some users have been met with a variety of error messages and codes such as 0000000008. This is typically found when a player is trying to search for a match via the World Map. There is no specific game mode that this error message as we received it when trying to join both Duels and Domination matches.

In order to try and correct the 0000000008 error message, you will want to first close out of For Honor. From here shut down your console (does not apply to PC) and then go to your router and reset it. Reboot and connect to the internet via your console and try to load up a match again. If the error persists you will want to make sure your NAT connection is open as For Honor runs a Peer to Peer (P2P) architecture. This means that the servers are far more influenced by other people’s connections than a Dedicated Server which feeds into many of the dropped matches. If you continue to have this issue even with an open NAT and restarting your browser you may just have to wait, as the message went away for us after an hour or so.

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