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For Honor: How To Get Better Gear


For Honor: How To Get Better Gear

How to Get Better Gear in For Honor

For Honor is all about fighting against trained warriors from history. It’s like a good version of Deadliest Warriors. If you want to survive the harsh battlefield, then you will want to make sure that you get better gear. Here’s how to get better gear in For Honor.

When you begin to level up a hero, you’ll individually rank up and unlock new gear that has a variety of stats, such as stamina cost and revenge damage. These items are earned either after completing a match via the Scavenge the Battlefield mechanic or via purchases through the weapon/armor packs. However, players may notice that the quality of their items aren’t really changing; this is because For Honor actually ties its best gear to the Reputation system.

In order to get rare and legendary level gear, players need to first rank up a specific hero to level 20. This will then allow you to gain Reputation by resetting that character back to rank one. While you won’t lose any of your cosmetics, gear, or Feats. Once you hit Reputation level 1, rare level loot start to appear, however at a low rate. This will obviously increase until you reach Reputation 3, which then allows you to get legendary gear.

While this isn’t ideal, if you are really keen on getting the best gear, just try to focus on one hero at a time and get them to at least Reputation 1. This will let you get the best weapons and armor and allow you to begin customizing your stats. With some time and patience, you will be able to show off to all your friends and foes who has the best loots around.

Now that you know how to get better gear in For Honor, you’re bound to kick major butt in no time. For more guides, tips, and walkthroughs make sure to visit our ever-expanding wiki. If you’d rather ask a question more directly, let us know what it is in the comments down below.

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