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Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get Camilla


Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get Camilla

How to Get Camilla – Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is now out on mobile devices, and it’s packed with characters that you can get from across the series. This, of course, included the powerful wyvern rider Camilla, from Fire Emblem Fates. You’ll start off with a handful of heroes at the beginning, but will need to play through the game unlocking different quests and criteria in order to obtain more.

In order to summon heroes you’ll need to obtain orbs, and you check out some quick ways to do that here. Once you have at least 5 orbs, head over to the summon tab from the main menu. There are multiple packs to select from, and you can see an example of some of the heroes on the pack’s art. If you click on the details button, you’ll see an entire list of which heroes can currently be summons and what Focus, or star level, they’ll have.

To get Camilla, you’ll want to click on the “Deep Devotion” tab. Camilla is an axe wielder so her character type is green, meaning you’ll want to tap on the green orbs to summon. This way you limit your options to green-categorized characters, and if you select multiple green stones, you’ll up the chances of getting one of those characters, and even use less orbs for a summon.

Now getting Camilla is random, and her higher level iterations are less likely to appear. Save up enough orbs and keep trying, however, and you’ll be sure to get her eventually. Keep in mind that the Deep Devotion pack is set to expire on Feb. 15, so she may be available other ways after that.

Now that you know how to get Camilla, make sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki for more help.

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