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Fire Emblem Heroes: All Tier 5 Character Hero Units


Fire Emblem Heroes: All Tier 5 Character Hero Units

Fire Emblem Heroes: Green Tier 5 Character Hero Units

Tier 5 units in Fire Emblem are the best you can get. So looking for some in each tier is a must. They can be difficult to obtain normally, so you may have to rely on merging to get the job done. But, once you do get one, you’re ready to roll right over enemies.

You’ll have to consider each color when going for these 5 star warriors. Each color has its own strength and weakness, and they work in a triangle with the other two. Green is strong against Blue, but is very weak against red, so don’t go out with a roster looking like leaves. There’s a fair amount of Green Stone warriors to choose from, so find your favorite.

  • Fae, the Divine Dragon
  • Hawkeye, the Desert Guardian
  • Hector, the General of Ostia
  • Merric, the Wind Mage
  • Minerva, the Red Dragoon
  • Raven, the Peerless Fighter
  • Sheena, the Princess of Gra

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