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Fire Emblem Heroes Merging Guide: How to Merge Heroes and What it Does


Fire Emblem Heroes Merging Guide: How to Merge Heroes and What it Does

Merging – Fire Emblem Heroes

Managing heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes is of the utmost importance. You’ll want to level them up and increase their power in order to make it past later challenges and start raking in the victories. However, if you find yourself with a hero who doesn’t have a high star rating, there’s only so high they can go in terms of power. Fortunately enough you can merge heroes. Merging heroes raises their rating and increases your overall power.

In order to merge characters in Fire Emblem Heroes, head on over to the Allies menu, then choose Advanced Growth. If you choose two cards that are exactly the same (same hero and same rating) you’ll get a bonus that leads to an increase in stars for that character, which is a successful merge. Using different cards (even if they’re the same hero but different star ratings) will not yield the same results, but will grant that hero some experience.

Merging is a good way to deal with all of the duplicates you’re bound to receive while playing. Just turn those useless characters into winning additions to your lineup.

That’s all there is to merging heroes. For more on Fire Emblem Heroes – such as guides, tips, tricks, and info – be sure to check out our growing wiki.

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