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Fire Emblem Heroes: All Microtransactions and How Much They Cost


Fire Emblem Heroes: All Microtransactions and How Much They Cost

Microtransactions – Fire Emblem Heroes

While Fire Emblem Heroes may be completely free for players to download off the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, the game does have some microtransactions.

The microtransactions come in the form of Orbs. These are the in-game currency and can be used to replenish your Stamina meter. The Stamina meter diminishes the more missions you complete. While it does fill back up over time, Orbs can be used to immediately fully replenish the meter.

Fire Emblem Heroes’ Orbs can also be used for increasing the number of heroes you can have, expanding your castle, and unlocking new heroes.

Much like Pokemon GO’s microtransactions, Fire Emblem Heroes’ Orbs can be bought in different quantities. Here are all of the different bundles on offer.

  • 3 Orbs – $1.99
  • 9 Orbs + 1 Bonus – $5.99
  • 20 Orbs + 3 Bonus – $12.99
  • 30 Orbs + 5 Bonus – $19.99
  • 40 Orbs + 9 Bonus – $26.99
  • 60 Orbs + 15 Bonus – $39.99
  • 110 Orbs + 30 Bonus – $74.99

Big Fire Emblem fans may find themselves wanting to invest most of the in-game currency by trying to unlock all of the heroes in the game. They’ll set you back five Orbs each time, and will grant you one randomly selected hero from each different ‘set’.

Those are all of the microtransactions in Fire Emblem Heroes. For more tips, tricks, and guides for the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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