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5 Horizon Zero Dawn Features We Just Can’t Wait For


5 Horizon Zero Dawn Features We Just Can’t Wait For

Oh, so many things.

Photo Mode

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Photo modes in games have become more of a feature in recent years. It’s a small little feature in reality, but if there’s one thing that we all know, it’s that people love to take pictures of things. With games becoming more and more social over the years, it makes complete sense for that to be taken one step further with letting you snap pics and post it to Twitter, Facebook, or your preferred social media platform. Thankfully, Guerrilla has realized this, which is why Horizon Zero Dawn comes with one, as well.

Given the gorgeous and expansive world and the ways you can customize Aloy, there’s no doubt going to be plenty of selfies of the archer redhead on the way in different outfits. Aloy seems like the type of woman to get some epic landscape shots and dress them up under a fancy filter for her 20 followers on Instagram. She’s probably not someone who uses hashtags, though. She thinks she’s above all that.

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