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Horizon Zero Dawn Will Have a Photo Mode, Here Are Some Example Shots


Horizon Zero Dawn Will Have a Photo Mode, Here Are Some Example Shots

Lights, camera, action!

Guerrilla Games has announced on its official Twitter account that Horizon Zero Dawn will feature a photo mode. It was mentioned the camera mode would act “more like a free cam, with a movement radius around Aloy.”

The tweet included several shots from the game, which serve as examples of what players can expect once it releases. It wasn’t mentioned how players can activate the camera mode and if it will be possible to use in battle. There was no example given showing that players can take shots from Aloy’s perspective. This mode can give fans a chance to flex their skills of creating the perfect shot to capture. Whether that be of Aloy, or any of the landscapes and creatures shown from the trailers.

It would seem that photo modes are becoming a popular feature since these photos can be shared online via social media. A good example would be Final Fantasy XV, which featured photos of the characters in battle and doing goofy things.

Those who are excited about the idea of capturing photos from the game will have to wait just a bit longer, as Horizon Zero Dawn is set to release on Feb. 28 for the PlayStation 4.



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