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Tales of Berseria: What Katz Spirits Are and How You Use Them


Tales of Berseria: What Katz Spirits Are and How You Use Them

Katz Spirits – Tales of Berseria

Katz Spirits are a special collectible that you’ll gather in Tales of Berseria after you reach a certain point in the game. They appear as small floating orbs that glow purple, and all you need to do is touch the orb to collect it. Katz Spirits pop up all over the world of Berseria in almost every location, and they’ll also respawn after a while once you’ve collected them.

The spirits are used to open a special kind of treasure chest known as a Katz Chest. These chests are found in various locations across the world, and you’ll recognize them by their bright pink color and cat ears. To unlock a Katz Chest you’ll need to use your Katz Spirits, and each chest requires a certain number.

Inside, you’ll find a Katz that usually rewards you with a special item, and most of the time you’ll be getting accessories to dress up your character with. This is why it’s important to collect as many Katz Spirits as you can and stockpile them, so you won’t have to skip any chest and come back for them later.

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