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Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Snake Key


Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Snake Key

Unlock a deeper part of the house.

Snake Key – Resident Evil 7

As you make your way through the main house of the Baker residence in Resident Evil 7, you’ll find that some of the locked doors you can’t get through have creepy animal symbols on them. You’ll get the Scorpion key fairly quickly, but the elusive Snake doors in the basement will have to remain locked for a while.

After you’ve cleared the game’s second area, along with the Marguerite boss fight in the greenhouse, you’ll have to explore that area and find a key item. After doing so, Zoe will give you a call and tell you to go back to the trailer. However, Lucas will inform you that he’s captured Zoe, and he’ll instruct you to go back to the Dissection Room where the “pig” is.

Make your way back to the main house and down to the Dissection Room in the basement. Go to the area where you previously found Jack drinking his whiskey and talking to the cop’s dead body. You’ll find the cop’s body lying on a gurney. Interact with the dead body’s throat, and Ethan will obtain the Snake key. Now, you’ll be able to unlock those Snake doors and explore even more of the large house.

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