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Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Dissection Room Key


Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Dissection Room Key

Spooky morgue doors.

Resident Evil 7 – Getting the Dissection Room Key

Once you’ve entered the main section of the house, Ethan will eventually have to explore the lower recesses of the Baker residence. In order to leave the house, you need to obtain three dog head emblems, and the last one can be found in the Dissection Room. However, to unlock that area, first, you need to solve a simple puzzle in the Processing Area.

Look for the note in the Incineration Room. The note gives you a clue about three ‘A’s and a handprint. With this in mind, head back to the morgue room with the doors that have name tags on them. The key here is to open all of the doors with names that have three ‘A’s in them, and then opening the door with a bloody handprint above it. One of the doors will have no name tag, but opening it will reveal a tag that says ‘Tamara,’ meaning this was one of the doors you had to open anyway. Once you’ve gotten the door with three ‘A’s, open the one with the bloody handprint, and Travis’ door will open at the end. This is where you get the Dissection Room key, which will lead you to the final dog head emblem.

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