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PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Nintendo Switch: Who Has the Best Upcoming Exclusives?


PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Nintendo Switch: Who Has the Best Upcoming Exclusives?

Who shall come out on top?

PS4’s Exclusive Lineup


The PS4 has a surprising number of exclusives lined up for 2017. There are 46 games that are set to release on the PS4 alone or on Sony’s console and PC (with most falling under the umbrella of true exclusives). That’s a lot of games, but of course quantity doesn’t always translate into quality. However, we can take a step back and take a look at what big games are on the horizon and see which ones may just garner more attention and have a good chance of being solid experiences.

The first-party exclusive lineup is looking fairly impressive thanks to the likes of Gravity Rush 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, MLB: The Show 17, the upcoming Uncharted 4 standalone DLC, and Knack 2. It’s a varied group that is sure to provide many PS4 owners with hours of game time. Horizon Zero Dawn is probably the one with the most pressure riding on it, though. It’s a brand-new type of game from Guerrilla Games, and it’s also going to be one of the first titles to show what the PS4 Pro is really capable of. From the gameplay we’ve checked out and the latest trailer, it looks like there are plenty of reasons to be excited, even with all the added expectation.

While the PS4’s first-party lineup is relatively light, Sony more than made up for that with a strong third-party support system that will keep exclusive titles (some of which are highly anticipated) rolling on the console throughout the year. NieR: Automata, from PlatinumGames and Square Enix, brings fast-paced combat, interesting camera usage, and huge bosses to the console, while Nioh keeps the RPG train rolling with Ninja Theory’s own take on the Souls-like craze. Then there’s Persona 5, a highly-anticipated RPG entry in one of the best series out there, and it’s finally coming to west. Don’t worry, though, there aren’t just RPGs on the PS4. Nex Machina is putting a twist on Resogun’s bullet hell formula, Yakuza 0 and Kiwami are bringing everyone’s favorite gangsters to the PS4, and the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is all about smashing boxes and surviving tight platforming challenges.

The exclusive lineup on Sony’s latest platform is definitely looking well thought out, which is very important. There is plenty of diversity spread throughout 2017, and there looks to be a healthy balance between triple-A titles and smaller indie titles. Also helping to smooth out any wrinkles is the strong third-party, multiplatform support. So titles like Mass Effect Andromeda, Call of Duy, Destiny, and more will certainly keep things lively.

Also, while not necessarily what some may look for when trying to gauge the PS4’s lineup, PSVR is also bringing some experiences to the console for those who bothered to pick up the headset. There are 18 VR titles confirmed for a 2017 release and while they’re not exactly PS4 exclusive, neither the Xbox One nor the Nintendo Switch will have them, so they are definitely something to consider.

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