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All PSVR Games Confirmed for 2017 Release


All PSVR Games Confirmed for 2017 Release

Here’s what PSVR users can look forward to next year.

All PSVR Games Confirmed for 2017 Release

It’s no secret that there are a lot of projects being worked on for Sony’s PSVR headset, but not many have confirmed release dates or windows. This list will focus only on those that have been given a date or window in 2017 by the game’s developer or Sony. So games like Farpoint, an upcoming VR FPS, aren’t included just yet, but be sure to check in for updates as we get more information. it makes it to the top of our list of all psvr games confirmed for 2017

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard – Jan. 24

Resident Evil VII doesn’t require that you use PSVR, and if you’re easily frightened you probably shouldn’t. But there’s something about stepping into the world and being surrounded by the horrors that make it all the more special.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Mar. 14

Ever waned to see if you have what it takes to be a captain in the Star Trek universe? Star Trek: Bridge Crew puts you in control of the USS Aegis as you explore a new sector of space to find a home for the Vulcan race.

Dying: Reborn – January

Dying: Reborn brings the room escape craze right to your living room. Although, this twisted, horror-themed puzzle game is probably a lot more frightening than any room you’ve ever found yourself in.

Golem – Q1

Golem is a PSVR exclusive that has players taking control of child who has unfortunately been seriously injured. You’ll gain the ability to create golems, stone creatures you use to explore an ancient city.


GNOG gives a different type of exploration experience, allowing you to explore the worlds and insides of huge monsters. You won’t need a PSVR headset to play this game, but is there really any better way to explore a monster’s inside?

Korix – Q1

Korix is a multiplayer RTS game that has you battling in a table-top setup against up to three other players. You can see the other players around the table and watch as everyone builds up their defenses and sends out their small soldiers.

Megaton Rainfall – Q1

Megaton Rainfall puts players in control of an invincible super hero. However, you have cities to defend, and if they fall, you lose.

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin – Q1

Rhombus of Ruin will change a few things from the original Psychonauts. It plays as more of a point and click adventure game with Raz using his powers to interact with the world and its characters.

Statik – Q1

Statik is a puzzle game that tests just how good you are at solving problems without being able to see your hands. Using the dualshock 4, you’ll have to manipulate a mysterious box covered in gizmos that has your hands trapped inside. It’s going to be a real brain bender indeed.

Symphony of the Machine – Q1

Symphony of the Machine is set in a post apocalyptic world where you use the power of a mysterious tower to control the weather and bring new life into a dying place.

XING: The Land Beyond – Q1

Explore a beautiful world in virtual reality in this puzzle-adventure game that has you using powers such as rain and snow to change the environment and advance, as well as the use of treasures, switches, physics-based puzzles, and other environmental conundrums.

Starblood Arena – Q2

Starblood Arena is a multiplayer shooter that has you piloting quick ships through obstacles as you blast enemies out of the sky either cooperatively or competitively.

Ark Park – TBA

ARK Park is a virtual park that is set in the world of ARK: Survival Evolved. That means you’ll be able to explore varied landscapes while interacting with monstrous dinosaurs and other wildlife. You’ll even be able to ride some and utilize crafting mechanics to help you enjoy the park even more.

Ace Combat 7 – TBA

Ace Combat has been a long running series, and for the first time players will be able to see what it’s really like pulling off all of those aerial maneuvers thanks to the PSVR compatibility with this upcoming release. it’s one of our favorite among all the confirmed psvr games of 2017

Obduction – TBA

Obduction leaves players exploring fragments of worlds after being obducted by aliens as they search for a way back to the home they’ve lost.

Syren – TBA

Syren is a survival horror game that traps you in a weird lab with killer mermaids. Yup, you read that right, killer mermaids. You’ll have to hide, fight, and use your wits to outrun and the terrifying mermaids and look for a way out. this is one creepy game on this list of all confirmed psvr games 2017

Giant Cop: Justice Above All – TBA

You’re a cop in the 1970s with a city to look out for. It’s a tough job for one person, but it’s a good thing that you’re a giant towering over everyone. it’s a shame we don’t have a release date for all psvr games coming in 2017

Unknown Fate – TBA but definitely one of the coolest psvr games confirmed for 2017 release

Unknown Fate is a first person action/adventure game that has you exploring a mysterious world without knowing who you are or what the future holds for you.


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