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Pokemon Duel’s Not Working: How to Hopefully Fix the Errors


Pokemon Duel’s Not Working: How to Hopefully Fix the Errors

Errors and Fixes – Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel was released to very little fanfare, but now that it’s out, plenty of hopeful trainers are diving in to prove that they know how to craft a master team and take down the opposition. Unfortunately, as is always the case with new games that run on a server, Pokemon Duel’s launch has been a bit rough, and full of errors that are keeping players from enjoying the game.

Here are three common issues happening with players right now and possible fixes. We’ll be sure to update with more as we continue to play the game.

Text Not Found – This error is actually server-side, meaning there is nothing wrong with the app or your smart device. It means that Pokemon Duel is currently undergoing maintenance, so there is nothing you can do but wait and try again in a little while. Hopefully, the developers communicate upcoming maintenance schedules a bit more clearly in the future.

Freezing – Sometimes the game can freeze right when you’re in the middle of battle. This can suck royally, but it happens. You can try to wait and see if that fixes the issue. If that doesn’t work, restarting the application is sometimes a fix, though it isn’t guaranteed to work the first time.

Not Starting – This is one of the worst, as it completely keeps you out of the game. There is no concrete way to fix this error, though reinstalling the app has worked for some.

We suggest that players wait for more updates to the game before trying to dive in, as it’s a rather frustrating experience at the moment. The errors continue to pile up, and the fixes aren’t exactly solid, so your dreams of becoming a master trainer may need to be put on hold for just a little while longer.

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