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5 Moves Microsoft Needs to Make to Win 2017


5 Moves Microsoft Needs to Make to Win 2017

Can Microsoft deliver?

Get the Exclusives Out


While 2016 was certainly a good year for Xbox One owners, Microsoft didn’t manage to bring out all of the exclusives that fans may have been hoping for. Scalebound was delayed to sometime in 2017, Cuphead got pushed back once again, and Crackdown 3‘s individual multiplayer and campaign releases didn’t quite make their 2016 releases, either. Even without these releases, the Xbox One was still treated to some excellent titles. However, with Sony mounting a formidable lineup of exclusives for 2017, it’s incredibly important that Microsoft fights fire with fire.

Ensuring that these previously announced titles finally make their way to fans in 2017 is imperative to Microsoft coming out on top in 2017. Of course, these will need to be supplemented by further exclusive experiences to tempt players into the Xbox ecosystem.

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