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Gravity Rush 2: How to Unlock & Change Costumes and Outfits


Gravity Rush 2: How to Unlock & Change Costumes and Outfits

Gotta look good for the cameras.

Gravity Rush 2 – How to Get and Change Costumes

The best part of any video game that features customization is the ability to change your appearance. Gravity Rush 2 doesn’t really have a lot of player customization, but it does feature quite a few outfits for you to unlock and change into as and when you want. First off, playing through the story normally will net you a few additional outfits as you complete certain key events.

Once you’ve unlocked them for Kat, you’ll be able to equip them anytime. To do this, enter photo mode by pressing up on the d-pad to bring up the camera. Hit the circle button to check your complete costume collection. This new menu will show you the total number of available outfits in the game, along with the ones that you’ve already unlocked. Simply select the one you want Kat to wear, and then equip it. You’ll unlock the costume menu in photo mode after you’ve completed the main mission “Like A Radio.”

Do note that some of the outfits are only available by importing a save file from Gravity Rush Remastered on the PS4, or by pre-ordering the game. The rest can be unlocked within the game itself.

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