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Super Mario Run: How to Unlock All Characters


Super Mario Run: How to Unlock All Characters

Unlock All Characters – Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s newest mobile game is here with Super Mario Run, but you won’t be limited to just playing as Mario the entire time. There are actually five unlockable characters that each have different requirements to obtain. Here’s all unlockable characters at the moment, and just how to unlock them.

Toad – For Toad you’re actually going to need to link your My Nintendo Account to Super Mario Run. You’ll be given a prompt to do so when you start the game, so simply enter your information and then choose the Toad reward. After that, tap the gift box in the top right of your kingdom, and you’ll get the character.

Princess Peach – Peach is a character you’ll need to pay money to unlock, as you’ll need access to the entire game. Rescue her from Bowser at the end of World 6, and she’ll be playable from then on.

Luigi – All of the final three heroes are obtained by getting a certain number of colored Toads from Toad Rally. Once you’ve obtained 150 green and purple Toads each, you’ll have the option to build Luigi’s house from the “special” building section. Luigi will come to stay in your kingdom, and he’ll be playable now.

Yoshi – To unlock the fan favorite Yoshi, you’ll need to obtain 30 of both red and yellow Toads. After that build his house from the special section.

Toadette – This is the hardest character to unlock in Mario Run, as you’ll need to obtain 200 of every color of Toad. Then like the others, build her house.

It’s nice to see some extra options for playable characters, and who knows maybe Nintendo might even add more on in the future. Make sure to check back with Twinfinite for more guides and tips on Super Mario Run.

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