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Resident Evil 7 Midnight Demo: How to Use the Dummy Finger & Solve the Mystery


Resident Evil 7 Midnight Demo: How to Use the Dummy Finger & Solve the Mystery


Dummy Finger – Resident Evil 7 Midnight Demo

The Dummy Finger is a key item in the Resident Evil 7 demo that has been teasing fans to no end ever since it first dropped after the E3 reveal earlier this year. Finally, with the new Midnight update, the community has discovered the real use for the item. First off, it’s important to note that the item is actually used to solve some murder mysteries that have taken place in the house. There are a total of five mysteries, and you need to trigger a giggle in key locations in order to solve them and earn a hidden reward.

Listed below are the steps you need to take in order to solve the mystery, courtesy of Reddit user BruhtheShark:

  1. Start a fresh run
  2. Insert fuse
  3. Grab chain cutter and VHS
  4. Watch VHS and use Lockpick to get Axe
  5. Grab Backdoor Key and put it in the key slot but do not open it
  6. Go upstairs into attic bedroom and grab Basement Key
  7. Destroy boxes to get handgun ammo and get handgun ammo under bed
  8. Grab Dummy Hand behind TVs
  9. Grab finger in drawer
  10. Go into bathroom and grab ammo in drawer and medicine cabinet.
  11. Grab ammo on shelf on your way to basement
  12. Open basement with key and pickup handgun ammo half way down the stairs
  13. Pick up lockpick before heading into monster room
  14. Grab valve and head out before monster fully spawns
  15. Grab handgun from toilet
  16. Head back down into basement, run into back, grab attic key and run out before monster hits you. you may need to use body to knock down monster but not required
  17. Grab journal on your way back to main hallway
  18. Go to attic and start murder puzzle by reading blood message
  19. Point finger at rubble below the clock on the first floor hallway
  20. Go to dead end in the attic and look at the bright light next to barricaded door
  21. Head to basement and point finger at the head of bodybag on the table
  22. Go to the painting of the women with a bag on her head halfway up the stairs to 2nd floor and hit the painting with a L2 attack with the axe
  23. Point finger at barricaded door in the room with voodoo dolls
  24. Look at the mirror directly outside of this room and do 180 turn to trigger giggle
  25. Point finger at blue and white wires above the bed in the attic
  26. Open the pot in the kitchen
  27. Watch VHS again. In the video make sure you let all dialogue options play out, interact with refrigerator, microwave, and the pot. Pick up Lockpick and open drawer, and open the drawer next to it
  28. In the hallway of the VHS segment, open the small drawer that has the finger, go upstairs and look at the headphones on the table
  29. Make sure you see the ghost women at some point
  30. Once the VHS is completed turn around and run straight into basement
  31. As you enter the backroom, start crouching and looking at the doll until you’re looking at her with your back turned to the doll on the shelf
  32. Once you hear the giggle, head to the open pot in kitchen and point to the delicious gumbo inside
  33. Head to locked door in attic
  34. Once all the blood handprints are there, you can open and complete the puzzle

The folks over at Eurogamer have also posted a video detailing the steps you need to take in order to solve the mysteries.

I’ve tested these methods myself, and have been able to open the final door which leads me to the Dirty Coin. No one knows what the Dirty Coin is for, but it can be transferred over to the final game when it’s released, and it’ll presumably give you a small bonus when you’re first starting out.

The Resident Evil 7 Midnight demo is now available on PS4, and will be coming to Xbox One and PC soon.

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