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Destiny The Dawning Event Guide: All Exotics, Quests, Rewards, and More


Destiny The Dawning Event Guide: All Exotics, Quests, Rewards, and More

Destiny The Dawning Step One: New Quests and Items

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The Dawning is the latest event in Destiny, here to help Guardians all over the universe celebrate the holiday season. Last year we were given just the Sparrow Racing League (SRL), but Bungie decided to throw in plenty of more quests to help spread the holiday cheer this year, including some strikes and a new record book complete with some great rewards. To kick things off, you’re going to want to visit three people: Holliday (in the hanger), Zavala (Vanguard Titan), and Eva (near the Speaker), they will each give you quests that are at the center of the event.

Holliday will give you the new Record Book as well as some SRL bounties, Zavalla will give you new Strike bounties, and Eva will start the the festivities by having you share gifts. We’ll get into these quests in a bit, but first, lets talk about some cool items.



Treasures of the Dawning: These are the loot boxes of Destiny’s holiday event. It drops infusable 3 Light Level armor, and other rewards like consumables, Sparrows, and Exotic Ornaments. For more on how to get and what’s inside Treasures of the Dawning, check here.

Felwinter Souvenir: This cosmetic consumable is an engram that turns your helm into a giant snowglobe. You can get one from the In the Presents of Friends quest or from Treasures of the Dawning loot boxes. For more details on Felwinter Souvenirs, check here.

Snow Dreg: Similar to the Felwinter Souvenir, the Snow Dreg also gives you a creepy yet festive appearance. It turns your head into that of a snowman, and you can get a Snow Dreg also from the Presents of Friends quest and loot boxes. For more details, check here.

Lanterns: One of the lesser, yet more amusing secrets hidden in Destiny actually has to do with the laterns floating about The Tower. Players can actually grab one of these and run around with them much like giant ball Guardians can kick around. If you want to learn more about how to get yourself a lantern, check here.

Big Gifts and Tags: In the Tower, by the large doors that used to lead to the Iron Banner, you’ll find a set of gifts large and small. The small gifts you’ll need for the In the Presents of Friends quest, and the big gifts will not open just yet. You’ll need to earn Xur, Amanda, and Saladin Tags to open their respective boxes, which hold special engrams and quests. Earn these tags by leveling up in your Record Book.

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