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Astroneer: How to Get Copper


Astroneer: How to Get Copper

Copper – Astroneer

Copper is one of the many, many resources you will find during your adventures in Astroneer. It’s a metal, but you don’t find it like any other resource in the game. You’ll actually need to craft it in a Smelter by refining a completely different resource: Malachite.

Malachite itself isn’t super common, meaning you won’t just find it laying around on the surface. The most common places to locate this particular resource, by the way, is in caves under the surface of planets. Many players report that it’s more often than not located in the “green earth” layer. So, your best bet will be to head over to a planet with that. Once you have some, you can pop it into the Smelter that you have crafted in order to get yourself some Copper.

It is also possible to find Copper in busted ships you may come across on your travels. However, they are fairly rare. But, alas, it is really the only way you will get some of this valuable resource early on in the game.

Copper is used in crafting various component, such as vehicle parts. For more help with Astroneer, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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