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Astroneer: How to Get Malachite


Astroneer: How to Get Malachite

Malachite – Astroneer

Malachite is one of the handy resources you’ll collect in Astroneer, and it can be refined in the smelter to produce the much needed Copper. This can be found in quite a few places in the game, but you’ll need to do a little searching in order to find some. The resource comes in the form of yellow crystals, that look jagged and have points sticking out.

The best place to find Malachite is going to be within caves, as they’re generally rich in resources for you to harvest. Some players have reported that it’s easier to find in the “green earth” layer, so you’ll have a swell time if you’re on a planet with that. It is possible to find some in other places, as well, if you dig down a bit using your terrain shaping tool. However, caves are always going to be your best bet.

Now you’ll need to put your valuable resource into a smelter to get some Copper. To build a smelter, you’ll need two compounds, then construct it at your base. After that, just place the Malachite on the smelter, and it’ll be converted to Copper. Simple!

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