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Astroneer: How to Get a Generator and What it Does


Astroneer: How to Get a Generator and What it Does

Generator – Astroneer

The Generator in Astroneer does what they do in pretty much every video game; it produces power. The ones in this game run off of coal, a resource you can find on your travels. They generate 50 bars of power every two seconds for 100 seconds if you feed them just one stack of coal, making them very useful. This will give you plenty of power to do whatever you want to do, without fear of running out at an inopportune moment. You can use Generators to power modules that you build or the many vehicles you’ll find yourself crafting. You wouldn’t want to end up stranded on a planet, after all. Of course, we should not get ahead of ourselves. You will have to craft one first before you use it!

The Generator is crafted in the Printer located within your backpack. You will need two Copper (check out our Copper guide over here) which is refined from Malachite, meaning that you most likely won’t be able to craft one of these right away. Unfortunately, you will need to get your hands on that Malachite, first. Once crafted, though, simply place it within a network, feed it some Coal, and you’re good to go and do whatever you want!

For more help with Astroneer, be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more guides and tips!

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