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Watch Dogs 2: All Skills and Upgrades


Watch Dogs 2: All Skills and Upgrades

Social Engineering Skills

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Social Engineering skills are used on humans, whether they be innocent civilians or enemies. To use them, you must target a human with your profiler (a white dot will appear on them), then hold L1/LB to bring up your small menu of available hacks, each of which is assigned to one of the buttons on your controller.

Create Distraction (L1 + Triangle/ LB + Y)

You probably won’t use this particular skill much, but it is useful when trying to get around certain guards that don’t want to move. It will cause their phone to either ring or vibrate making them stop in their tracks to divert all attention to their personal device.

APB: Suspect Located (L1 + Square/ LB + X) – Upgrades to APB: Wanted Criminal

This is very useful against tough enemies in open places. It calls the police on your target, taking them away. Do note that it can lead to an allout war depending on where you’re calling the police into. Upgrading it will provide armored police and a lot more firepower. The police will try their best to resolve things peacefully.

Gang Attack (L1 + Circle/ LB + B) – Upgrades to Gang Skirmish then Gang War

Works just like the APB Skill, only with a lot more violence. Summons a gang to eliminate the target and their allies. Upgrades will provide much more firepower capable of taking down even the toughest enemies. Take cover when you call them, though, as they can sometimes attack you as well if spotted.

Massive Communication Disruption (R1/RB)

A mass hack that triggers every NPCs distraction as long as their in the radius. Perfect for escaping large groups of police and enemies. Or for opening them up to your attacks.

Improved Profiler

Marks NPCs that have a large amount of cash with a blue box.

Botnet Savings: Personal Devices

Decreases the cost of all skills in this tree.

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