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Watch Dogs 2 Launch Trailer Explores Hacking in San Fransisco


Watch Dogs 2 Launch Trailer Explores Hacking in San Fransisco

Hack the system.

Ubisoft put out the launch trailer for Watch Dogs 2 today, less than a week before the game’s release.

The video below explores the virtual setting of San Fransisco and sets up the story for the game’s protagonist, Marcus Holloway. A skilled hacker wrongly accused of being a criminal, he and his hacker group DedSec try to stop the massive ctOS 2.0 information collecting system and expose corporate corruption.

The developer recently showed off how they recreated San Fransisco to make the setting feel authentic for the game, including visiting landmarks and speaking to locals to gain different perspectives about the city.

Watch Dogs 2 launches on Nov. 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, though the PC version does not come out until Nov. 29. Ubisoft explained the two week delay was for optimizing “PC-specific enhancements” such as 4K resolution, an uncapped framerate, and other features requested by the community. The PC minimum and recommended specs can be found here.


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