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Dishonored 2’s Launch Trailer is Full of Blades, Blood, and Bugs


Dishonored 2’s Launch Trailer is Full of Blades, Blood, and Bugs

What will you become?

Dishonored 2 is almost upon us and with its impending release, a new trailer has just dropped showcasing both the gameplay, voice acting, and story to a greater degree. In the trailer, we take the perspective of Emily Kaldwin as she watches her father Corvo turned to stone and presumably killed in front of her by Delilah Kaldwin. This sends Emily on a blood-soaked rampage as she uses her weapons and powers to decimate the ranks of occupying soldiers in quite a stylish fashion.

During the Launch Trailer, we actually get to see some unique powers such as one that seems to turn corpses into a swarm of angry bugs and one that leaves targets in a confused daze allowing you to sneak by them. However, it’s the flying insects (known as Bloodflies) that are the most interesting aspect of this trailer as we still know so little about them. While it’s clear they are a stand in for the original Dishonored’s rats, we don’t know if they will have as dramatic of an impact on the world if you go the High Chaos route.

It’s also important to note that the mysterious Outsider appears to have a bigger role this time around, which may help flesh out the lore of Corvo/Emily’s powers. Regardless, it’s quite clear that Dishonored 2 is still pushing for that open freedom and chaotic combat style that made the first game so memorable.

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