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Find out How Ubisoft Re-Created San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2

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Find out How Ubisoft Re-Created San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2

Dat detail!

Watch Dogs 2 is one of the most anticipated games of the year and many players can’t wait to start causing chaos through the power of hacking. If you’re feeling pumped for Watch Dogs 2 then you’ll want to check out this new video released by Ubisoft which shows how the development team re-created the city of San Francisco for the new game.

The video explains how far the developers went when it came to re-creating the Bay Area and making it feel authentic, from its iconic landmarks to the everyday streets.

The team has also learned a lot from the original Watch Dogs game. They even went ass far as to talk to the locals and see different angles from the people who live there. You can check out the video for yourself below:

The video also reveals that players will be able to find the Ubisoft San Francisco HQ which really is in located in the city. No doubt there will be a cool Easter Egg to find there.

Watch Dogs 2 is set to be released on Nov. 15 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC edition will be released on Nov. 29.


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