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Planet Coaster: How to Make Your Staff Happy


Planet Coaster: How to Make Your Staff Happy

Planet Coaster will allow you to take charge of a theme park’s management. This goes even further than just making cool rides, you’ll also be keeping a staff for maintenance, sales, and entertainment, so you’ll need to know how to keep them in check too. If you don’t make them happy long enough, they’ll quit. While it’s easy to find replacements, all the training you might have put into that employee will be gone. Hopefully you will have been training them, anyway.

So how can you make sure your staff is happy? Click on them or head over to the staff management page (Park Management in lower left-hand side then Staff tab). See the bar with the happy face next to it? If it’s green and full, you’re good. If it’s turning red, they’re thinking of leaving.

What you’re going to want to do to keep them is make sure their pay is suitable to their level. If they’re kind of bored, you need to train them up. Doing this, though, will mean that they will expect more money. So just make sure their pay is equal to their expertise and you’ll keep them.

In order to increase their pay, select the employee and in the window that pops up showing their information, tab over to the briefcase section (Employment). Here, raise their wages.

I’ve found the following salaries to be perfect for each worker, all the way to their level five training:

  • Entertainer – $250
  • Janitor – $200
  • Mechanic – $350
  • Vendor – $250

No one was complaining on their salary, and everyone had their happiness full. This is even at the maximum training level of five.

For more Planet Coaster help, be sure to check back with Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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