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Infinite Warfare Zombies: How to Get Pack-a-Punch


Infinite Warfare Zombies: How to Get Pack-a-Punch

Pack-a-Punch – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

While Infinite Warfare’s Zombies in Spaceland sees a host of new changes, it also sees the return of the iconic Pack-a-Punch machines. Exactly how to Pack-a-Punch a weapon in Zombies in Spaceland can be very confusing if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, so here’s everything you will need to know.

The first thing you will need to do is turn on four different generators in different areas: Kelper System, Polar Peak, Astrocade, and Galaxy Journey.

  1. Kelper System– head into the Kelper System area and make a left up to the staircase. The first generator will be right on top, all you have to do is press Square/ X over it to turn it on. Once turned on, turn around and go back down the stairs to activate the portal. Once activated, head into the portal, and at this point, one of the four portals are activated.
  2. Polar Peak– Once the first portal is turned on, head over to the Polar Peak area and follow the path until you see a ramp area. Head up the ramp area and at the top will be the second generator you will need to turn on. Turn it on, and make your way back down the ramp and head over to the portal to activate it. Once activated, walk into it and this will bring you back to the starting area.
  3. Astrocade– Once in the starting area, make a right into the Journey into Space area. Once here, make another right and this will take you to the Astrocade. Head into it, and follow the pathway until you reach the arcade room in which you will see the portal. Make a right at the portal and hit the power generator and head back to the portal to activate it. Again, head into the portal.
  4. Galaxy Journey– Head over to the Journey into Space area, and make a left towards the Galaxy Journey. Follow the path until you pass the portal and head into the Star Mission area. Once here, head up the stairs and follow the path until you see the fourth and final power generator. Once turned on, head back towards the portal to activate it. Once activated, head into it.

Once all four portals are activated, you can finally head into the middle area portal that will bring you to the Pack-a-Punch room. Once taken to the Projection Room, you will see the Pack-a-Punch machine. Simply walk over to it and press Square/ X over it. The Pack-a-Punch will cost $5,000 and it will greatly enhance your weapon.

That’s all the steps you will need to follow in order to get to the Pack A Punch room. For more coverage, be sure to stay right here at Twinfinite.

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