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How to Find, Tame, and Equip Llamas in Minecraft 1.11


How to Find, Tame, and Equip Llamas in Minecraft 1.11

If you’re looking for more animal friends in Minecraft’s 1.11 update, you’re in luck. Llamas have been added to the game, and they’re as adorable as they are useful. You can kill them for leather, lead them in caravans, and equip them in carpets to make them look spiffy as hell. If you need a fun new way to move around items, here’s how to find, tame, and equip llamas.

Step 1: Where do Llamas Spawn?

You can find llamas in Minecraft 1.11 travelling in large herds, which spawn in savanna and extreme hill biomes. The region you find them in determines what color they will be.

Step 2: Taming and Riding

To tame a llama, you’ll need to right click it repeatedly until it’s covered in hearts. After that, you’ll be able to mount your cube-shaped friend with the same click.

Step 3: Leading and Equipping Llamas

To use llamas, you’ll need a lead, some chests, and hopefully a stylish carpet or two. Use a lead to move your llama around, as well as any nearby llamas, as they’ll automatically follow in a caravan. (Caravans can hold up to ten llamas at a time.)

With either a chest or carpet in your hotbar, right clicking on the llama will bring up its inventory panel. Here you can equip it with a chest – which will allow it to carry things for you – or a carpet – which will decorate it in whatever color you choose.

Now you’ll be able to tame and ride all the llamas in Minecraft 1.11. Enjoy!

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