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Hello Neighbor: How to Win the Game and Get to the Basement


Hello Neighbor: How to Win the Game and Get to the Basement

How to win the game.

How to Win – Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a popular first-person tactical puzzler with a revolutionary mechanic – truly intelligent AI characters. When you move into a new house, you learn that your neighbor isn’t as normal as he first seems. Your ultimate aim in the Hello Neighbor open beta is to learn what is down in the basement of your neighbor’s house. To do this, you need to find a few items that allow you to open the door to the basement. The basement door has two wooden planks over it that you need a crowbar to remove, and it is opened using a keycard that you need to find.

The first thing you need is the key to a different door within the house, one that houses the much-needed crowbar and lock-pick. However, this key may be the hardest item to get because the neighbor has it on his person. To get it you need to wait for him to fall asleep, walk up to him, grab it from his belt, and make a run for it.

Once you have done that, head round the back of the house where you will see a broken window. Climb through, head through the bedroom door and to the back of the house where, on your right, you’ll see a door with a padlock on it. Use the key you found earlier to unlock the door, and you’ll see the lock-pick and a crowbar sitting inside. You can take the crowbar back to your house to keep it safe, as you won’t need it immediately.

Next, return to the back of the house where you’ll see a locked toolshed. Use the lock-pick you found to unlock it and inside you’ll find a gun and a wrench.

Once again, go to the back of the house where you’ll see a ladder blocked by a gate. Use the wrench to remove the screw that keeps you away from the ladder. Once it is opened, head up the ladder, go to your left and through the hole in the roof leading to the bedroom. On a table is a keycard that will allow you to open the door. You’ll have to break your way out of this room to continue exploring your neighbor’s house.

Unlocking the basement door is another difficult part. You have to wait for your neighbor to leave his living room, where the door is, and you’ll need quite a lot of time once you are in there. When you are in front of the door you need to remove the wooden planks using the crowbar and swipe the keycard, in any order.

After following these steps you will be able to descend the stairs down to the basement, where you’ll meet the ending of Hello Neighbor.

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