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Final Fantasy XV: Where to Find Rusted Bits


Final Fantasy XV: Where to Find Rusted Bits

Where to Find Rusted Bits – Final Fantasy XV

Rusted Bits may not seem like they’re really worth your time in Final Fantasy XV. After all, they’re not of any significant value in terms of Gil, but they are worthwhile keeping hold of so you can use them to upgrade your Engine Blade. You’ll want to acquire at least one of them on your journey across Eos, so that you can dish out more damage to your enemies.

Rusted Bits, technically, shouldn’t be all that difficult to find in Final Fantasy XV as they’re pretty common. However, if you’re really struggling to find one so that Cid can upgrade your Engine Blade, you’ll want to head to the very end of the pier at Galdin Quay. Here, you should spot a white and blue striped pole, and just next to it is a Rusted Bit for you to claim as your own.

You can also find a couple if you make your way to the Taelpar Rest Area outpost towards the south of the Duscae region. Seek out a diner and search in the grass next to it to pick out another Rusted Bit. You can also find one hidden behind the turquoise car in between the two buildings here, too.

There are plenty more lying around the vast stretches of Eos waiting to be found. Generally speaking, if you go searching and wander off the beaten path, chances are you’ll find one eventually, should you need more than those listed above.

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