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Final Fantasy XV: How to Summon Bahamut


Final Fantasy XV: How to Summon Bahamut

Summoning Bahamut – Final Fantasy XV

Bahamut is the fierce Draconian Astral that helps to watch over Eos in Final Fantasy XV. While this powerful being has normally appeared as a dragon in previous entries to the long-running franchise, it actually appears as a knight this time around with some bad ass dragon-like armor and tons of swords. He is the second to last member of “The Six” (what the summons are referred to in game) that you’ll encounter during your journey through Eos.

While you do obtain the Mark of the Draconian, which symbolizes Bahamut granting his support to Noctis, it doesn’t seem like he ever appears outside of one of the final boss fights. Because of Bahamut, you are able to gain the upper hand in a fierce encounter as he appears over the city casting down his vast supply of deadly blades. Even with over 50 hours in, we have yet to see him appear under any circumstances.

It’s unclear if Bahamut is just extraordinarily rare, or if the developers are planning on making this summon available in a later expansion. Either way, we hope to see this valiant knight step into the fray at least one more time.

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