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Final Fantasy XV: How to Raise Ignis’ Cooking Level


Final Fantasy XV: How to Raise Ignis’ Cooking Level

Cooking Level – Final Fantasy XV

Ignis’ cooking is one of the most useful abilities you have access to in Final Fantasy XV, as it gives your party stat boosts for battle. In order to cook, you have to use a campsite out in the wild, and staying at trailers or hotels won’t allow you to do so. Leveling up Ignis’ cooking ability will allow him to make more complex dishes, and give higher stat boosts to your party.

To level up cooking, you’re going to want to do just that, cook. Making dishes at camp is how you’re going to raise the level of Ignis’ ability. As you explore the world and defeat enemies, you’ll occasionally stumble upon new ingredients that will make Ignis think up a new dish. You can find these as collectibles scattered across the world, or dropped by enemies. Additionally, by trying new dishes at diners or restaurants across the world, Ignis may also learn that recipe.

Cooking new dishes you haven’t done before is going to give you quite a bit more EXP than cooking the same dish over and over. So the more you explore and experiment with cooking, the more your level is going to go up. At the same time, you should always be cooking when you make camp even if it is the same dish. You’ll get a small amount of EXP, and of course those helpful stat boosts.

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