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Final Fantasy XV: How to Find Treasures


Final Fantasy XV: How to Find Treasures

Treasures – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has a bunch of collectibles and items scattered around the world of Eos. Some of these are ingredients for cooking, ores to change the color of the Regalia, and items to mix with magic. The most valuable items in the world, however, are known as treasures, which include new weapons and powerful items to use in battle like Megalixers. For the most part these are as simple to find as anything else, and can yield some nice surprises.

Treasure are marked on your minimap by small yellow treasure chests. The easiest way to find these is to go to the local tipster at the nearest diner or restaurant, and ask them for info. This will make various items and points of interest in the world appear on your map, including treasures. When you’re out exploring and looking for items, Treasure are marked by glowing red points on the ground, unlike the blue you see for everything else.

Make sure your keeping an eye out for these items, as you can actually find some valuable stuff with treasures. It’s worth going off the beaten path a little bit if you see one as well.

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