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Final Fantasy XV: How to Use Ally Techniques


Final Fantasy XV: How to Use Ally Techniques

Give the orders.

Using Ally Techniques – Final Fantasy XV

While the game doesn’t give you the ability to actually play as Ignis, Gladiolus, or Prompto, you can still give them orders in battle and have them execute special techniques. When you’re in battle, keep an eye on the green bar on the left-hand side of your screen. It can fill up three times, and you can execute an ally technique each time a section of the bar is filled.

Once you have one filled section, hold the L1 button (or LB if you’re on Xbox One), and you’ll see a list of techniques you can get your allies to use. Hit the d-pad buttons to choose and perform a technique. Ignis is assigned to the up button, Prompto to the left, and Gladiolus to the right. Once executed, your allies will enter a special animation, and you’ll have to hit a button later on when the game prompts you to deal the maximum amount of damage.

As you gain more AP, you’ll also be able to unlock new ally techniques from the Ascension grid. You can then equip these new techniques for your allies, and have them use it in battle.

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