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Final Fantasy XV: How Long It Is and How Many Chapters There Are


Final Fantasy XV: How Long It Is and How Many Chapters There Are

How Long It Is – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is finally upon us and after a ten year wait, fans are ready to dive into the beautiful open world as they engage in the new, action-focused combat system. With this being the latest entry to the long-running Final Fantasy franchise, it’s no surprise that fans are wondering just how long they can expect to be immersed in the new setting. However, like with all open-world RPGs, the answer isn’t exactly simple, so we’ll break it down for those who just want to play the main story and then go into how that time expands for those who want a bit more.

If you want solely to play through Final Fantasy XV’s main story, forgoing any hunts, side quests, or mini excursions, then you have about 20 hours of playtime awaiting you, spread over 14 chapters of varying length. These chapters will take you around the entire world, offering a taste of all the different gameplay mechanics on offer. There will be several points in the game where you’ll be barred access to previous areas (which you’ll regain access to later on), so be sure to take time to explore the world when you can.

That may seem relatively short for an RPG, especially one that’s been in development for so long, but a lot of the game’s play time lies in its open world and side activities. There are a lot of different things you can do which include fishing, Chocobo racing, treasure hunting, monster hunting, and helping out the people you encounter in the world. You can easily add an insane amount of hours to your run this way. My current run is at 40 hours with the story completed and not even close to half of the side content completed.

If you want to see the names of each chapter, we’ve included them on the next page in order to not spoil the experience.


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