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Top 5 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of October 2016


Top 5 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of October 2016

Keep on boostin’ that Gamerscore.

Skyrim: Special Edition


After five years since its release on the Xbox 360, Skyrim got a fresh lick of paint with a rerelease on the Xbox One. Thanks to Skyrim: Special Edition including all of the additional bits of DLC, it packs 75 achievements totaling 1,550 Gamerscore. While this may seem a little daunting at first, and checking the achievement list isn’t going to help with that, actually just making your way through the game, completing quests and doing as you wish will see you unlocking many of these.

In that sense, Skyrim: Special Edition is actually pretty easy to get all of the achievements for. As long as you’re willing to put in the time, completing the game and its DLC won’t be all too difficult. It’s worth noting, however, that enabling mods will disable achievements on that particular save file, but will duplicate it with one to continue your progress on. Just keep this in mind if you’re wondering why the achievements aren’t popping.

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