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Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode Three Review

Telltale Batman

Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode Three Review

Do things get better for Bats?

Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode Three on PC

Batman and Bruce haven’t had the most enjoyable of rides so far in Telltale’s series. Episode one threw his family name under the bus and episode two only further compounded those problems with the rise of the Children of Arkham. Surely then, episode three would be the time that things would begin to go right for the millionaire playboy and his alter-ego, right?

Episode three, titled, New World Order almost played out for the most part as a response to the closing events of episode two. Having seen the rise of the Children of Arkham and his good friend Dent suffer some serious injuries, Bruce and Batman set out to uncover the truth behind this new group of criminals. Bruce’s relationship with Harvey is front and center at the very beginning, and as Harvey recovers and attempts to come to terms with his injuries, there’s a notable shift about him throughout the episode. Harvey Dent is a changed man, and it doesn’t take long for New World Order to make this evidently clear. An inner conflict storms inside him, and it’s down to you as Bruce to help him through it. This almost summarizes the overarching theme of the episode – uncertainty and shift.

Telltale Batman

As the episode proceeds, you’ll find yourself taking control of both Bats and Bruce as they follow the fresh scent of the Children of Arkham and whatever it is they’re up to. However, things have changed since we left off. The Wayne name has been disgraced and all eyes are staring rather angrily at Bruce. There’s a number of times throughout the episode where things won’t necessarily turn out as they perhaps may have done in previous episodes thanks to this new negative atmosphere surrounding the Wayne name and the Batman persona. This means you’ll have to think on your feet. You don’t automatically have the popularity to be the Batman (or Bruce) you necessarily want to be, or perform the action that you think is going to best guarantee you the information or results you want. You’ll need to think about each and every action and response you take. Even more so now than you may have done in the past. Allies are a valuable thing in Gotham, especially when you’re falling so quickly from grace.

New World Order is the first time, however, that we see some significant aftermath from the Wayne family scandals. Yes, Wayne Manor had been swept for evidence and details in episode one, but episode three brings an event that severely impacts both the stature of Bruce, and the productivity of Batman. It’s just another instance of the turmoil in the Bruce/Bats dynamic. While you’ll be reluctant to further compromise Bruce in the eye of the public and his potential supporters, you risk dealing fatal blows to your investigation as Batman if you just go along with it. Unsurprisingly, Telltale has made episode three just as difficult to read and gauge exactly what the best answer is for each situation. And you’re never safe from a curveball to screw up all your hard work a little further down the line.

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